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Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, Nova Scotia, Canada

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens: a floral oasis

If you even come to Nova Scotia for travel purposes don’t expect modernism. People here are in touch with the nature and almost all things you can visit and see here have something to do with the environment. Parks, lakes, beaches, forests and gardens are on your see list if you travel to Nova Scotia.

One of the nicest gardens we’ve visited is the Annapolis Royal Historic Garden, placed somewhere in Annapolis Valley (bring a map to you) and the best we can describe it is ‘a 17 acre horticultural paradise’. It’s not the biggest public garden we’ve seen, but is one of the best when it comes to views over the Annapolis Valley and features great floral decorations to please the eye. Continue reading

Schonbrunn Zoo in Vianna, Austria

Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna: best Zoo in Europe and oldest in the world

If you happen to find yourself in Vienna, Austria, one of the must see places is the Tiergarten Schönbrunn (the Zoo), the oldest Zoo in the world, voted the best European Zoo in 2010, the year we’ve visited it. What makes this Zoo so special is the location, as it’s found inside the Schönbrunn imperial palace and gardens domain, so there’s plenty to see there in a few square kilometers of open sky, trees, elegant gardens and magnificent architecture. Continue reading