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Town of Vis on the Island of Vis

It’s interesting how you find out interesting things after visiting a new place. While researching for this short article about the Town of VIS I was surprised to hear it’s only inhabited by about 2000 permanent residents throughout the year. The entire island counts around 3500 souls, with tourists during the season almost doubling that (1900 more beds in private houses, apartments and hotels). Continue reading

Drvengrad: Kusturica’s traditional ethno village

When I look back on how our trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina started I’m amazed it turned out to be the best holiday we’ve  had in years. As I wasn’t taking my own car, thus not driving, I didn’t do any planning for transportation. In front of our two cars was also the Romanian guide in a third car, so needless to say it didn’t even cross my mind that we could get lost at any point between Bucharest and Foca. We even left town at 5:00 AM, early on, hoping to get to destination in time for a couple of cold beers. Continue reading