Taipei 101: my first skyscraper

As I’ve probably mentioned when writing about the CN Tower, I really love tall buildings. The one about CN Tower may have been the first one written for Travelue, but my first really tall building was Taipei 101, once the tallest skyscraper in the world, since its completion in 2004 until the opening of Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010. It doesn’t mean it was the tallest man made building in the world, since CN Tower topped it by more than 50 meters, but the latter wasn’t a skyscraper.  Continue reading

The amazing underground salt mine from Turda (Salina Turda)

I don’t use superlatives all that much, especially in the title of an article, but some things built by men make me feel lucky to have seen them. One of these places is the underground salt mine in Turda. And I’m not the only one praising this place, as I recall seeing Salina Turda mentioned in several articles about top tourist destinations you have to see. Romania usually doesn’t make an appearance in these charts, but when it does I think it’s a wonderful experience. Continue reading

Discovering Romania: Cluj-Napoca

You probably noticed our Canadian travel stories, but I don’t remember if we have ever told you that we actually moved there “forever” in 2010, but decided we love our country, Romania, and came back one and a half year later. Since 2012 we have been living in Bucharest and try to travel as much as we can across our country. It has a lot to offer and we still have a lot of places to see. Continue reading

cheile turzii turda gorge featured

Hiking and hill-walking at Turda Gorge (Cheile Turzii) nature reserve in Cluj county

When planning a trip to Cluj county you soon realize that a lot of the things to see and do there are outside the Cluj-Napoca city limits, its biggest town. During our city break we got to visit the Turda salt mine, a futuristic looking underground place, ranked among the best travel destinations in the world, and the Turda Gorge (Cheile Turzii) nature reserve.

Turda Gorge is an ideal destination for those who like to hike in the middle of the nature, where human intervention is kept to a minimum. Continue reading

CN Tower Dominates Toronto’s Skyline

Probably one of the most recognizable city skylines in the world is Toronto’s if it includes the CN Tower landmark. It was one of our objectives during the Toronto trip and to me was the second tall building I’ve been into, after the Taipei 101 (story to follow soon). The 553.33 metres (1,815.4 ft) tall building dominates tourist’s pictures and by browsing today through our photo-journal I’ve seen that we haven’t deviated much from the norm.
Continue reading

Cabot Trail scenic roadway in Cape Breton

One of our favourite travel attractions are scenic drives, and if you ask motorists in Canada they tell you about the Cabot Trail, a 298 km (185 miles) long loop on the northern part of Cape Breton island in Nova Scotia. Driving through the Cabot Trail took us roughly 6-7 hours and not because we’re slow drivers, but because they’re so many look outs where you can take a breath of fresh air, shoot some pictures and admire the beautiful untouched nature of Cape Breton. Continue reading

OakLawn Farm Zoo

OakLawn Farm Zoo in Annapolis Valley: Largest Zoo in Nova Scotia

One of the attractions I loved when I was a child was the Zoo. We didn’t have too many Zoo parks in Romania, but those we had were interesting enough, especially since as a child I didn’t have any kind of comparison term. As I begun to travel all over the world I’ve started to realise what a serious Zoo like the Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna means, but we’re talking probably about the best Zoo in the world.

Anyway, when I’ve found out about the Oaklawn Farm Zoo in Annapolis Valley, the biggest Zoo in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada I thought this is a place me and my girlfriend need to visit. As the name suggests, it’s a small zoo, family friendly, with a relaxed atmosphere that stretches on an area of just 50 acres. Continue reading

World's largest fiddle in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sydney Nova Scotia: One of Cape Breton’s Destinations

If you ever travel to Cape Breton the must see destinations are the Cabot Trail scenic drive, Baddeck and Sydney, Nova Scotia’s third largest city. We went there on a nice Saturday drive and spent a few hours on the waterfront, marina and nearby park.

As you walk through the city it becomes apparent that not so many years ago this was an important industrial centre with coal and steel being playing the most important part in the local economy. Times have changed and the city had to adapt, so now it’s a popular destination for cruise ships that have at their disposal quite a few facilities. Continue reading

American Classic Cars on Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail

We love cars and we love driving, so it was quite a pleasant surprise to see a few American Classic cars during our Sunday drive on the Cabot Trail, an excellent driving road on Cape Breton’s highlands. If you’re anything like us you must drive the full length of the Cabot Trail, which is a few kilometres shy of 300 (185 miles).

Even if you’re a slow driver or stop at every point of attraction you’ll be able to complete the ride in just one day. We were lucky enough to get there on a sunny day, and so did the other motorists, but not to a level where you could call it a busy road. Continue reading