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There’s no shortage of ways to refer to the United Kingdom, including United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or Britain (Great Britain is the island, by the way), but they all mean cold rainy weather, fish and chips and pints of beer. Just kidding, there’s more to the old maritime empire, so you’ll find out more about the Brits in our series of articles dedicated to them.

Airplane hanging from the ceiling. Need I say more?

London Science Museum: a place to learn about science

Seeing is believing: this seems to be the motto of London’s Science Museum, also a free entrance museum from London, just like the Natural Science Museum we’ve shown you a while ago. It’s the place to learn about science and human advancement in past centuries by looking at full scale models, original devices and scale replicas, all with explanations and also a few games to keep the kids entertained. Continue reading

Two impressive British naval guns in front of the main entrance

The Imperial War Museum in London

One of the most fascinating days in our trip to London was the last one, when we visited the Imperial War Museum, part of the UK’s Imperial War Museums which include exhibitions in Duxford, North, Churchill War Rooms and the HMS Belfast anchored down river Thames.

Even if it’s not located downtown, the London Imperial War Museum is a must see for boys, especially those like me who like to watch war movies all day long. I know war is bad, but I can’t help it. Anyway, as with most important museums in London the admission is free into this one, but some special exhibitions may cost more. Continue reading

Natural History Museum in London

Visiting the Natural History Museum in London

Oh, museums… I’m not museum type of guy, but one place where I loved to visit those kind of tourist attraction was London. First there are quite a few museums there, and most of them are free to visit. One of the best is the Natural History Museum. As you can expect from the name of this museum it’s a place where you can learn everything about the history of our Earth, about weather phenomenons, basic physics principles and about the creatures that are roaming/roamed the Earth. Continue reading