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Republic of Serbia (or Republika Srbija) is located between Central and Southeastern Europe, is part of the old Yugoslavia and is home to some great proud people who know that great food is simple food made from natural ingredients, free from the chemicals we are used to in Europe and North America.

Drvengrad: Kusturica’s traditional ethno village

When I look back on how our trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina started I’m amazed it turned out to be the best holiday we’ve  had in years. As I wasn’t taking my own car, thus not driving, I didn’t do any planning for transportation. In front of our two cars was also the Romanian guide in a third car, so needless to say it didn’t even cross my mind that we could get lost at any point between Bucharest and Foca. We even left town at 5:00 AM, early on, hoping to get to destination in time for a couple of cold beers. Continue reading