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Bosnia and Herzegovina, often abbreviated as Bosnia, is a territory of former Yugoslavia, with a very small opening to the Adriatic Sea. You will hardly find more friendly and helpful people anywhere else, or simpler food that tastes better. Rafting, canyoning and outdoor sports are also one of the reasons to visit this amazing country.

Rafting on Tara: water splash

White water rafting on Tara river, from Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’m not an extreme sports guy. I’m exactly the opposite, so when my friends sent me a long email, describing the entire adventure if we went on this trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which highlighted rafting on Tara river, I was a little bit skeptic, to say the least. I’m not sure if the promise of great food made me decide to go, or the reassuring friends, who had experiences with white water rafting and enjoyed it, or both. Continue reading