Travel Insurance How To

What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

One thing people completely forget to do before going on a trip is buying travel insurance. You may think this is just a gimmick from insurance companies to make you spend your hard earned buck on something that you don’t actually need. Personally I think travel insurance is like buying peace of mind for a very low price, insurance that can save you from paying up to a few year’s savings on something you could have easily avoided in the first place. It’s a no brainer to me. Continue reading

Drvengrad: Kusturica’s traditional ethno village

When I look back on how our trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina started I’m amazed it turned out to be the best holiday we’ve  had in years. As I wasn’t taking my own car, thus not driving, I didn’t do any planning for transportation. In front of our two cars was also the Romanian guide in a third car, so needless to say it didn’t even cross my mind that we could get lost at any point between Bucharest and Foca. We even left town at 5:00 AM, early on, hoping to get to destination in time for a couple of cold beers. Continue reading

Rafting on Tara: water splash

White water rafting on Tara river, from Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’m not an extreme sports guy. I’m exactly the opposite, so when my friends sent me a long email, describing the entire adventure if we went on this trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which highlighted rafting on Tara river, I was a little bit skeptic, to say the least. I’m not sure if the promise of great food made me decide to go, or the reassuring friends, who had experiences with white water rafting and enjoyed it, or both. Continue reading

Jiufen, Taiwan’s gold rush mining city

A significant part of the Asian culture is made by small towns packed with history and old architecture, like Jiufen, one of Taiwan’s last gold mining cities. It became a tourist attraction in the 90’s, mostly because of its mix of Japanese architecture, Chinese style retro-cafes, tea houses and souvenir shops. And the proximity to Taipei City also helped shape Jiufen as a tourist destination. Continue reading

Queen Nefertiti’s Rock in Yehliu, Taiwan: natural art

If you try to reduce a country to just a couple of famous images Taiwan has the Taipei 101 skyscraper and probably the Queen Nefertiti’s Rock in Yehliu. In short, it’s a rock formation in Yehliu Geopark, known also as Yehliu Promontory, a part of Daliao Miocene Formation of rocks that stretches over 1700 meters into the Pacific ocean. Continue reading